Vegan in Paris


The vegan meal option on the day I travelled to Paris by Eurostar didn’t look all that amazing but it tasted great. The main was avocado rice, picked ginger with peas and lentils. For dessert there was vegan jelly with pistachios.


All-in-all I enjoyed my vegan meal on the Eurostar.

While in Paris I had made plans to visit a small Vegan Restaurant call Sol Similla. Inside the building there was three tables two tables to fit roughly eight and one table for a two seater. There was a small area to prepare food and drinks with two bar ledge areas were you could sit and have drinks. The staff weren’t particularly friendly and after waiting for around ten minutes in what seemed to be a not very busy restaurant I decided to sit down at the vacant two seater table. The waitress then approached to ask if I had a reservation which I didn’t and informerd me that the restaurant is reservation only. She made no attempt to offer a alternative place to eat and I later found out that there was vegitarian resturant just across the road.


The are quite a few Vegan places to eat dotted across Paris and the app Happy Cow is great way to find them.


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