First Meal In Non Vegan Restaurant

So this week I had my first meal out at a non vegan restaurant. If I’d known before hand what a milestone this was I would have mentally prepared myself before going in. You see the past few months have consisted of inviting others to dine out in vegan restaurants and when cooking from home there are no animal products in sight. Luckily my companion chose a restaurant with vegan options, on the menu there was one main vegan dish and a range of vegan friendly sides I opted for two side dishes a potato bread with olive oil balsamic and some veg crudités in avocado humous. My companion had a chicken burger with cheese in brioche bun with spicy mayo. A year and a half ago this would have been my go to meal in this restaurant, I loved eating chicken with cheese, spicy mayo was delicious to me and brioche was my favourite style of bread. Instantly upon seeing her plate I felt food envy, I looked down at my plate of veg and felt sorry for myself for a moment. I started questioning if this (veganism) is what I really want. I had to remind myself of the reasons why I choose to be vegan, how animals are unfairly treated and killed, how it effects the environment in which we live and our bodies. Had a chef presented a live chicken for me to kill and eat for my meal would I have been able to kill it without thought or feeling? No! After considering my reasons for choosing a vegan diet my food envy then turned into gratitude and I tucked into my veggies and bread. The truth is everyone is different some of us will rangle with temptations or cravings as vegans and some of us won’t, it’s important to understand that if you do, these thoughts and cravings are perfectly ok to have as a part of our individual  veganism journeys.


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