Iron…Tofu, Cacao and Cocoa

I’ve somewhat avoided tofu up until this week, having it a few times here and there but not really thinking much of it. My whole view of tofu changed when I realised its nutritional value. Especially it’s iron benefits. If you’re a woman iron is an extremely important nutrient around the time of menstruation. So this week with my new found knowledge I’ve been experimenting with tofu dishes. It’s a grower but I’m yet to find a dish that wow’s me.

Another ingredient I’ve started taking more interest in is cacao and its sister cocoa. Finding a sugar free chocolate bar is hard work, I found two companies in Wholefoods Market that create chocolate without added sweetness of any kind. I opted for Madecasse’s 100%  Cocoa bar. If your wondering about the difference between cacao and cocoa. Cacao is the raw form unprocessed and is far superior in nutrition to cocoa that is processed. Both are a great source of iron. This week I tried a new refined sugar free, low sugar chocolate smoothie using 1tsp cacao nibs, 20g cocoa, 300ml unsweetened almond milk and 1tbsp maple peanut butter. Frozen banana or raisins can be added for extra sweetness. It’s delicious either way.


Tofu and Soya are no longer a main part of my diet. Please see my latest post on Soy


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