A Journey to Veganism

It’s been 34 days since starting my vegan diet and it’s so far been an amazing experience but there’s still a way to go in my Vegan journey. For instance, while every effort is made to abstain from purchasing new animal products, continuing to use animal products which have been previously purchased or received second hand such as leather chairs, shoes and bags feels right. It is a waste to get rid of them and replace them all. Then what about household items or everyday products that unknowingly contain a trace of animal product, such as the glue in a picture frame. While I do feel moved to share my vegan experience and encourage others, I cannot shun another for using animal products, especially when up until recently I believed it was much better to use animal products than synthetics or plastics. The most important thing we can do as newbie vegans is to try our best with every purchase we make and not beat ourselves up for letting something slip through the net. There is so much to learn on a vegan journey. Are you a newbie vegan? How have you tackled the challenges of a changed lifestyle? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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