From a Binge-eating, omnivore, sugar addict to a refined sugar-free, Vegan

How did i do it!? Did I do it!? I still find it hard to believe I’ve changed my diet so drastically over the last two years. Just a couple of years ago I was binge eating sugary snacks out of a bag I stashed beside the bed from morning to evening and skipped meals. When I did eat it would be foods like pizza. Pizza, doughnuts, egg fried rice, ice cream, chocolate fudge cake, all things I no longer eat unless the recipe is adapted for vegans. These days i’m eating a lot healthier , by gradually shifting from omnivore to pescatarian to vegetarian then to vegan. I’ve felt Veganism calling for a few years now but always saw it as some far off goal. Signing up to the Vegan societies 30 day pledge has really made my journey easier. I’m now abstaining from refined sugar 5 out of 7 days a week, with the exception of sugar found in tomato products (sauce, baked beans) which I have in limited quantities throughout the week.


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